Enjoy fall, we will pick up the leaves

Yard Clean Up & Leaf Removal

Yard Clean Ups

  • Mowing overgrown grass

  • Shrub trimming

  • Removing weeds

  • Removing overgrowth

  • Trimming tree limbs

  • Tree and shrub removal

  • Discarding old, moldy mulch

Leaf Removal

  • Spring or fall service available

  • One-time service calls for leaf removal available

  • Add-on service for lawn mowing customers

    • Each week we bag all leaf debris​

    • Charged only for amount of leaves removed each visit

  • Removal from site and recycling at compost facility​

Leaf Removal

  • One time leaf removal

    • Entire yard cleaned of leaves​

      • Landscaping​

      • Grass

      • Fence lines

      • Under decks

      • Behind and under plants

      • Hardscapes

    • Yard mowed, trimmed, and edged after clean up to ensure all debris is removed​

  • Weekly bagging add-on​

    • Every week with mowing all leaves bagged in normal mowing path​

    • Only charged for amount of leaf material actually removed

Plants Requiring Trimming

  • Tall decorative grasses (early spring or late fall)

  • Roses pruned (spring)

  • Boxwoods trimmed (spring or fall)

  • Evergreen shrubs (spring or fall)

  • Tree limbs (winter)

Benefits of Kanger Lawns as your Yard Clean Up Experts

  • We contain your debris in your yard keeping it out of your neighbors

  • Full service mowing performed at the end of larger clean ups to ensure entire yard is crisp

  • Leaves secured going down the road

  • All leaf, shrub, and tree debris is recycled for composting 

Cleaning up Tall Grass

  • We can mow yard that have overgrown their recommended maximum height

  • Grass is cut multiple times and removed if necessary

  • Although we can do this, we really recommend never letting your lawn get to a point where more than 1/3 the total height needs to be removed (max 6")

 Measures for Success

  • Leaves kept within your yard and kept out of your neighbors

  • Wet, chunky leaves in street along property curb also collected

  • Safe and secure hauling from property to recycling center

Kanger Lawns Billing

  • Credit and debit cards accepted

  • Invoices for the previous months work sent on the 1st of each month

  • Charge card billed on the 4th of each month for the account balance 

  • Card information is only submitted to our billing software one time

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