Your pond is a piece of art, not a chore

Pond Repair & Maintenance

Service Areas

  • Omaha, NE

  • Papillion, NE

  • La Vista, NE

  • Gretna, NE

  • Bellevue, NE

  • Elkhorn, NE

  • Lincoln, NE 

Water feature Repair

  • Replacement or repair

    • Pumps

    • Liners

    • Skimmer

    • Biofalls and spillways

    • Lights

    • Dosing systems

  • Leaks

  • Remodel/improve

    • Expand waterfalls

    • Expand pond aera

    • Add decorative fountains

Water feature Maintenance

  • Spring clean out

    • Remove debris

    • Pressure wash rocks and gravel

    • Refill

  • Fall shut down

    • Remove pump

    • Install leaf nets

    • Install heaters or aerators

  • Replacement ion gen 

  • Replacement dosing system packs

  • Regularly remove debris and empty skimmer

  • Add beneficial bacteria and doses

Landscaping Services in Omaha, NE


Remodeling your landscape's water feature can be as easy as adding a few more elements.

Pondless Waterfall

Remodeling a water feature in your Omaha landscape can reduce maintenance.


Remodeling your water feature with Aquascape products like biofalls and skimmers will increase the clarity of water in your pond and reduce maintenance required.


Rock and new mulch are great ways to revamp not only your water feature, but also your Omaha landscaping.

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Kanger Lawns LLC 

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