Define your landscaping with mulch and rock

Mulch and Rock Installation

Service Areas

  • Omaha, NE

  • Papillion, NE

  • La Vista, NE

  • Gretna, NE

  • Bellevue, NE

  • Elkhorn, NE

  • Lincoln, NE 

Mulch/Rock Installation

  1. Old landscape materials removed and disposed of

  2. New edges cut to provide clear definition in borders

  3. Landscaping fabric barrier installed with rock

  4. Preen pre-emergent weed control added to fight off weeds

  5. Rock or mulch installed evenly

  6. Plants, boulders, even a decorative water fountain can be designed in

  7. Property cleaned following service to leave it as clean as we found it

Types of Rock

  • Small river rock

  • Large river rock

  • Brown pea gravel

  • Southern brown rock

  • Rainbow rock

  • Indian Sunset

  • Granite chip

  • Cherokee rock

  • Additional options available

Mulch and Rock Considerations

  • Do you want a lower maintenance option?​​

    • If so, we advice rock over mulch. Mulch looses its color as the season continues on and slowly degrades into the soil requiring a top dressing every year.​

  • Are there plants or trees in the landscaping that will shed leaves?​

    • We would advice rock in this areas as it will be easier to remove leaves.​ Avoid lava rocks and smaller pea gravel as it will make a mess.

  • Do you enjoy gardening or move plants frequently?​

    • ​Mulch is great in these areas as it's easier to move for your new plant and will mix with the soil better than rocks.​​

  • Are you concerned about weeds?​

    • Smaller gravel and mulch is a more conducive environment for weeds. Regardless, we advice Preen pre-emergent weed control, herbicides, or manually pulling weeds.​

Types of Mulch

  • Light hardwood

  • Dark hardwood

  • Dyed mulches

    • Brown​

    • ​Black​

    • Red

  • Cedar

  • Natural

  • New installations or top dressings

Mulch and Rock Installation Options

  • Complete tear-outs with new installation

  • Top dressing on existing mulch or rock

  • Natural cut, stone, or boulder edging

  • Wide variety of plant options to add color and depth to landscaping

Benefits of Kanger Lawns as your Yard Clean Up Experts

  • Attention to details like edging, weed barrier fabric thickness, and material layering

  • Special care taken to clean property after work is finished leaving your property in the same conditions as the beginning

  • Insured in case of accidents

  • Material selection considered given surrounding variables like leaf-bearing trees and maintenance customer wants to dedicate towards landscape beds

Landscaping Services in Omaha, NE


Water features like decorative fountains are surronded by rock allow water to filter down into the holding system.

Pondless Waterfall

A balance of rock and mulch is key in getting the water feature in your landscaping to look natural.


Rock is used in the bottom of ponds, in waterfalls, and filters as it creates a lot of surface area for organisms to live and clean the water as it passes by.


Black mulch really makes light colored stone and deep green plants pop.

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