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Project of the Week - Pond Update

At the beginning of June, we did some work on a large pond that needed some TLC and refurbishment. A few weeks after finishing the pond, we got a call to work in some updated lights, new fish, water plants, and a maintenance package!

The new lights are incredible! They are color changing and can be controlled by an easy-to-use app on your phone. Which means you don't have to get up and change the settings on the transformer nor do you have to just settle with whatever settings are already programmed! These lights really highlight each of the falls and turn it into a new and exciting space when it gets dark. Check out the video below to see the lights in action!

Our customer also added some more koi fish to the mix! Now, instead of the two they started with, they are up to seven! Did you know that koi fish are territorial but also love being around other koi fish? We love that they now have a larger group to hang out with! We also gave those koi fish some plants to enjoy on the surface of the water. We added water lilies, water hyacinths, and a water grass. The lilies and grass both have roots on the bottom of the pond which can add lots of beneficial nutrients to the water for the fish, but also soak up nutrients from the algae and other nutrients that grow naturally in the pond. The water hyacinth is a floating plant that sits atop the water and moves around with the flow of the falls. All three of these plants will give and take good nutrients to the entire ecosystem of the pond.

After we installed the new lights, we discussed putting together a maintenance package for this pond and the one in the front yard. This maintenance package includes checking water levels, cleaning out filters, cleaning debris from the water, dosing the water as needed, and general maintenance of the ponds. We love working to come up with the right plan for each pond, and this one is no different. These packages also give us a chance to watch all of the plants and fish grow and mature over time!

Thank you again Lisa and Garry for calling us out originally! We can't wait to continue helping you with this pond and we hope you enjoy the nightly light show in your backyard!

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