• Cody J. Kanger

Project of the Week - Mulch & Timber

This customer called us asking to redo the back stretch of their yard with railroad ties and mulch with some easy to manage and colorful plants. Before, the area was all grass and the customers wanted to add some more visual appeal. Ben used a sod cutter to remove the sod from the area. Cody then used a Dingo to dig down to make a foundation for the railroad ties. After digging down they covered the area with landscaping fabric and preen to avoid weeds coming through the mulch area. This customer opted for a rich dark brown mulch that creates a very visual effect against their grass in the backyard. We used new railroad ties to separate the area between the mulch and grass. Cody and Ben did the hard labor of sod cutting, digging, laying railroad ties, and spreading the mulch. Libby was in charge of picking up and delivering materials to the worksite.

Thank you Mark and Denette G. for letting us transform your backyard! We had a blast working with these materials.

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