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Project of the Week - Mulch Mania

We love helping people create a new look for an old space, and this one was a transformation for sure!

What started as a pretty patchy and stark area of grass and mulch has now been transformed into a planted and mulched area that brings freshness and beauty to our customer's home!

Starting out, we had planned to use a sod cutter to remove some of the grass areas, but soon realized between buried lines and space, that just wasn't going to work. We set out with our weed whacker and shovel to clear the areas by hand instead! This ended up working much better for this space and allowed us to get a good look at some of the lines and areas that were causing concern for us. After removing some of the grass and a few inches of dirt, we started working with the plants our customer chose. They were so bright and colorful! Once everything was all planted, we brought in the mulch. For this job, we used a nice dark brown/black mulch that contrasts nicely with the driveway and surrounding fences. Cody was able to fly solo on this project using mostly a shovel, weed whacker, and wheelbarrow.

Huge thank you to Ann N for bringing us in to plant and mulch this area! We hope it brightens up the space and adds some freshness to the entry to your home!

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