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Project of the Week - Koi Pond Clean Out

Anytime we get a chance to work on a water feature, we get excited! This customer called us to come out and look at cleaning out their pond and refilling it. Cody took on this job solo and did an awesome job! He started by removing all of the water and koi fish into two inflatable pools. Who knew they could be so useful for a pond job? After safely transferring all of the koi from the pond to their pool, he got to work on removing the larger rocks. Removing these allows him to clean all of the rocks that can get wedged underneath them and miss the cleaning. Next, Cody got to work with his power washer removing all of the algae and buildup on the river rock, boulders. waterfall ledges, and filters inside the pond. Make sure you check out some of the pictures below of the rocks half power washed, they are something else! Finally it was time to refill the pond! Cody started by replacing all of the boulders and rocks he moved, placing filters back in, and adding fresh water. Once the pond was refilled and pumping for a little while, he added all of the koi fish back into their habitat.

Thank you Lisa K. for letting us take care of your pond. We had a blast checking out all of the koi fish and hope to see them prosper in their habitat!

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