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Project of the Week - Below Deck

Under your deck can sometimes be a tough place to get to, and an even tougher place to landscape if you can get to it! Lucky for us, this customer had just enough clearance underneath for us to get under. But, that also means that there was enough clearance for it to get overgrown and need some updating.

This project started as a rough and patchy grass area underneath a deck, but is now rocked and ready to roll! We started by cutting down all weeds and grass areas. We created a nice edge between the yard and this landscaped area. After we got the grass taken care of, we put down landscaping fabric to control the weeds and prevent them from growing back. Once we got the fabric down, it was time to start adding rock. For this project, we used a powered wheelbarrow to bring rock from the trailer in the front of the house, to the deck area in the back. This worked great! We were able to load more rock and move it easier on hills without damaging any grass or working around fences in the customer's yard. Check out the pictures below for progress shots and images of that wheelbarrow! Cody and Jason used river rock underneath the deck, landscaping fabric, shovels, and rakes to complete this project.

Thank you to Sandy and Rick B for bringing this idea to us! We hope you can utilize this space more and that it looks better than before!

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