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Project of the Week - Bellevue Boulder Wall

We started this project excited to work with rocks and boulders to create a new retaining wall for the customer. The space next to their driveway was originally lined with brick and had a mixture of mulch and dirt in place of a retaining wall. The retaining wall we created uses large boulders mixed with river rock to create a focal point. Next to their stairs was a river rock path that connected with a small planted area. The river rock was replaced with fresh sod and the bricks reused to create a border around river rock at the base of a tree in their front yard.

The customers wanted some easy to manage plants, therefore we found Hostas and Midnight Phlox for them that fit perfectly in their existing flower bed. We used a dingo to remove the old mulch and bricks from the area for the retaining wall and create a more even slope for their new sod. We put down landscaping fabric to protect the rocks from sinking into the dirt below, we then sprinkled Preen over the fabric. The Preen is used to create a barrier against weeds and prevent weeds from growing through the rocks. Libby and Cody Kanger both worked on this project together. Cody manned the dingo and heavy lifting. Libby managed the plants, moving bricks for the tree ring, and doing supply runs.

Huge thank you to John & Kathy A. for calling us to get this boulder retaining wall done for them!

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