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Project of the Week - Refurbished Pond

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Over the course of a week and a half, we had the pleasure of creating not one but TWO water features for a customer. We will start out with the larger of the two and boy was this one fun!

We started with a pond that was installed 17 years ago and had become overrun with weeds and debris over the years. After getting the pond water pumped out, we got to work on the weeds and rocks that were inhabiting the area. The weeds had started to grow so thick that we didn't even know how deep the actual pond was until they were all gone. We assumed it was about a foot to two feet deep, it ended up being around two to three feet deep instead! Once we had all of the original plants and rocks removed from the area, the digging began. The original pond liner was easy to remove, but the area around it had started to grow around all of the rocks and boulders, so we spent some extra time getting all of those rocks out to ensure a clean slate.

After removing all of the previous materials, we got to work on digging out our own shelves and pond areas. This part was a blast! We started by marking out each layer, top waterfall where the water starts, second fall, and the final fall into the main pond area. We marked out a "beach" area in another color as well. That helped us keep our area limited and ensured we had an "end point" for our landscaping and rock areas. After finalizing where all of our shelves were going to go, we started laying down the liner. Once we got our liner down the next step was the heaviest, placing our large boulders and rocks to hold the liner in place and start outlining our different areas.

Once our liner was in place with all of it's larger boulders, we started adding all of our smaller ones that contribute to a more natural pond feel. Once our rocks were in, we started installing our pump, piping, and the starting point for our waterfall. The goal is to have your waterfall push the water back towards where the pump is placed when all the water gets to the bottom. This helps push any debris towards the bins that catch debris instead of the outside of the pond. Once the main pond area was set up, it was time to fill it! Filling a pond this size took a considerable amount of time, we used that time to start putting our gravel around the outside and plan out what plants and flowers would look best surrounding the pond.

The pond has now been filled and we spent some time with the owners adjusting waterfalls, flow, and discussing lighting options. We use some really cool pieces of wood to add to the falls that really bring the whole area together. After adjustments with rocks and the wood, it was time to install the lights. We used lights to highlight the falls and the main pond area. Once the lights were installed, the owners realized it was missing something, koi fish! We set out to find a couple of koi fish that would love a new home in this awesome pond. We lucked out and found two beautiful koi fish, some water lillies, water grass, and a floating water plant.

For this project we used a variety of tools from hand tools to powered tools. The main tools were the dingo, dump trailer, pond supplies from Aquascape, and a variety of rocks and plants. We had a blast shopping at our local nursery and picking out flowers, grasses, and a variety of ground-covering plants that really add to the space! Cody, Jason, Ben, Libby, and Dean all threw in some helping hands on this project. Make sure to check out the pictures below to see all the pictures we took!

A huge thank you to Lisa and Gary K. for calling us out to help with this whole project. We had a blast with you guys and can't wait to see how all of the plants grow in over the next few years!

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