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Pond Options

  • Waterfalls filling the pond 

  • Streams leading into a pond

  • Koi and gold fish

  • Biological filters and wetlands

  • Aquatic plants such as lilies

  • Ponds added to existing landscaping or complete waterscape/landscape designs available

Kanger Lawns as your Pond specialists

  • Free project estimate

  • Consultation for project, property, and your ideas

  • Specialists in how the pumps, biological filters, skimmers, gravel size, plants, and fish function together as an ecosystem

  • Make your pond look like your house and landscaping was built around it

  • Knowledge in how proper pond depth and air circulation will keep fish alive all winter

  • Understanding on how to place a pond, waterfall, and stream so that you can maximize it's soothing sounds and cites from your landscaping and inside your home

Size and Scale of your Pond

  • Whether its a small space in your front yard landscaping on the majority of your back yard, a pond can feel just right in either area

  • A mixture of different sized boulders with several sizes of gravel are key to creating a natural pond and waterfall

  • Waterfall size and flow are built to filter the amount of water in your pond to keep it healthy and clean

Benefits of a Pond in your landscaping

  • Live, relax, and entertain next to a natural ecosystem body of water while still being in a neighborhood

  • Waterfalls can saturate your landscaping with the sound of water while the eye is captured by the tranquility of the pond

  • A pond will draw everyone in, creating a unique centerpiece to your landscaping

  • Waterfalls, streams, and the pond will look as though your house was built around it

  • Relax and unwind enjoying the sounds of the waterfall, the shimmer from rocks in your stream, and the clarity of water in your pond

  • Lighting will highlight and bring alive another aspect of your landscaping, such as your pond

  • This ecosystem will draw wildlife such as birds, frogs, fish, and even turtles to your landscaping

Pond Ideas

  • An 11' x 16' pond with a few waterfalls dropping in to a gorgeous lily patch with a few fish swimming near the boulder edge as you feed them from your patio

  • Birds bathing in a pooling area under a shade tree that twists and turns around rich green foliage leading to a small body of water that softens the transition into your green grass

  • Spillway bowls and decorative spheres pouring water into the eye-catching pond near the fire pit on your patio

  • Several fish swimming around the lily pads and under the rock bridge you're crossing that dissects the back yard encompassing your pond into several ecosystems teaming with life

Pond Maintenance

  • An automatic fill valve can be used to keep water levels constant

  • Storage basins can aid in keeping extra water from evaporating

  • Ion gen and automatic dosing system control algae 

  • Waterfalls and under water jets push debris on the ponds surface towards a skimmer box to easily remove debris

  • Gravel and aquatic plants scrub pond water to create healthy clean water

  • Kanger Lawns can create a maintenance package to keep the decorative fountain in your landscaping pristine all season

Landscaping Services in Omaha, NE


Aquascape decorative urns can be added to any pond or landscaping as another beautiful element.

Pondless Waterfall

One way to keep a waterfall in a pond looking natural is to avoid the volcano effect where it looks like a pile is spewing water instead of a natural ecosystem.


There is a right way to build a pond and it's using practices and products which Aquascape has taught. Using elemens like a biofalls, skimmer, and power heads keeps debris in one location for easy maintenance and cleans the water.


Rocks and mulch surrounding your pond can add to the natural feel of your waterscape.

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