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How would a pondless waterfall look in your yard?

Check out this video and channel full of water feature ideas. Greg Wittstock, The Pong Guy, is the owner and founder of Aquascape, which manufacturers the water feature projects we install! Also, his facility is where we go to get regular hands-on training and get help with technical questions. Please enjoy the projects other contractors outside of the Omaha area have built to create ideas for your landscaping water feature project.

Pondless Waterfall Options

  • Waterfalls

  • Up to 6', 16', or 26' streams with waterfalls 

  • Small 6" deep pooling areas

  • Integration with decorative fountains

  • Aquatic plants 

  • Waterfalls added to existing landscaping or complete waterscape/landscape designs available

Benefits of Kanger Lawns as your Waterscape specialists

  • Free project estimate

  • Consultation for project, property, and your ideas

  • Specialists in how the pumps, spillways, liner, gravel, and boulders function together

  • Pondless waterfalls seamlessly integrated into your Omaha landscaped yard

  • Attention to detail in placing your pondless waterfall so you can enjoy the sights and sounds both inside and outside of your home

Size and Scale of your Pondless Waterfall

  • Whether it's a few 6" waterfalls near the front door or a 26' meandering stream leading to your patio, we can build a waterscape appropriate for your landscaping

  • Accent boulders and waterfalls sized to draw eyes from inches to feet away

  • Higher water flow in waterfalls where water is meant to drown out noise pollution 

Benefits of a Pondless Waterfall in your landscaping

  • A pondless waterfall can saturate your landscaping with the sound of water to drown out traffic or neighbors

  • Natural blends of rocks, boulders, and plants to create a waterfall that is the focal point of your yard

  • Whether a pondless waterfall is added to your existing landscaping or you want a full design, the water feature will look like it's always been there

  • Relax in your outdoor space by bringing nature's beauty of moving water and rocks into your landscaping

  • A waterfall and stream illuminated at night will seem like a completely different piece of nature

  • Wildlife, such as birds, will be drawn towards your landscaping by bathing, drinking, and cooling off in your stream

  • Different pump options change your soothing stream and trickling waterfall to white water attention getter

Decorative Fountain ideas

  • Several drops and twists of water through anchoring granite boulders hugged by perennials near your patio

  • A small waterfall that draws you nearer to the lily hiding 20' of turning and rushing stream that pulls your eyes through your landscaping to a whole new space in your yard

  • Birds splashing and drinking water in the top pool that seamlessly feeds plants and boulders as it travels next to your vegetable garden

  • Authoritative boulders which frame an inspiring waterfall that saturates the outdoor living space near your campfire

  • A stream with several waterfalls that greets guests to your home as they walk through your landscaping to your front door

  • Every project is unique and so is every yard, we would love to hear from you about how we can design and build your ideas in your landscaping

Maintenance of your Decorative Fountain

  • An automatic fill valve can be used to keep water levels constant

  • Storage basin provides adequate water storage to account for evaporation and spilling

  • Ion gen and automatic dosing system control algae 

  • Running water with no ponding areas allow grass, leaves, and debris to settle in rock areas where cleaning is easy

  • Kanger Lawns can create a maintenance package to keep the decorative fountain in your landscaping pristine all season

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Pondless Waterfall

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