We guard grass, so you can relax

Lawn Fertilizing Services 

Fertilizing and Weed Control

  • 6 - step program to cover your grass for the full season

  • Pre- and post-weed control

  • Granular fertilizer specifically formulated for our area and weather conditions

  • Nebraska pesticide applicators license

  • Equipment and techniques used to ensure your fertilizer goes on your lawn - not your neighbors lawn or the street

Benefits of Kanger Lawns as your Lawn Fertilizing Experts

  • Licensed with the state of Nebraska as pesticide applicators 

  • No guessing what product needs to be applied and when

  • Professional results from experts who care

  • Automatic credit card billing for easy, convenient, and late-fee-free payments

  • Save space in your garage and money no longer needing fertilizer spreaders or chemicals

Kanger Lawns Customers

  • We are happy to serve anyone in the Lincoln area

  • Residential customers 

    • Personal residents, home owner associations, and apartments

    • We have size appropriate equipment for your home's lawn​

  • Commercial customers​​

    • We ensure your business looks professional and work around your customers to keep them happy​​

  • We can fertilize and provide weed control in lawns as well as landscaping beds​

Kanger Lawns Billing

  • Credit and debit cards accepted

  • Invoices for the previous months work sent on the 1st of each month

  • Charge card billed on the 4th of each month for the account balance 

  • Card information is only submitted to our billing software one time

6 - Step Fertilizing Program

  1. Primarily nitrogen fertilizer application brings the lawn to life and the pre-emergence mixed in begins to build a barrier from crab grass. Post emergent spray is used on any weeds present. (Mid march - mid April)

  2. Mainly nitrogen fertilizer applied continuing to build the health and vitality of the turf. Pre-emergence is also mixed in to continue to build a barrier against crab grass. Post emergent spray is used to attack any dandelions and other weeds that have developed. (Mid May - mid June)

  3. Grub control with some potassium to keep grubs out and build the health of the lawn as summer heat is right around the corner. Broad leaf and grassy weeds are sprayed as well. (Mid June - mid July)

  4. An organic fertilizer applied which not only supplies safe fertilizer for the summer heat, but also serves as a soil amendment to promote micro and macro nutrients. Depending on the heat, crab grass can be sprayed as well. (July - August)

  5. Heavy nitrogen is applied in the fall as the lawn is getting its second wind. This step is a great time to fill in grass as weather conditions are great for grass growth and weeds are less competitive than the spring. Any remaining weeds are sprayed to continue to eradicate them. (Late August - mid November)

  6. Winterizer is applied which has a more subtle blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Although the grass is beginning to go dormant, this is the time to feed it to store nutrients over winter and help it bounce back immediately next spring. If weeds are present and weather allows, all broadleaf and grass weeds are sprayed. (Late October - Mid November)

Lawn Fertilizing Scheduling

  • Email alert from cody@kangerlawns.com notifying of lawn fertilizing the next day

  • Confirmation email after service has been finished

    • Instructions for next steps emailed as well

  • Small sign with date/time after application

 Measures for Success

  • Granular and sprays only applied with permissible weather conditions

  • Products applied to grass and cleared off concrete surfaces

  • Specific instructions for how long to stay off grass and when to water emailed after application

Lawn Care Services offered in Lincoln, NE

Lawn Mowing

Fertilized grass in Lincoln, NE.

Lincoln, NE


Granular pre-emergence applied in landscaping beds to reduce weeds in their Lincoln landscaping beds.

Lincoln, NE

Lawn Fertilizing

Bags of fertilizer ready to be applied for residential and commercial lawn care customers in Lincoln, NE.

Lincoln, NE


Beautiful water feature in a weed free landscaping bed in Lincoln, NE.

Lincoln, NE

Yard Clean Up

Leaf removal lawn care services in Lincoln, NE.

Lincoln, NE

Snow Removal

Snow removal and ice melt application services in Lincoln, NE.

Lincoln, NE

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