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  • Omaha, NE

  • Papillion, NE

  • La Vista, NE

  • Gretna, NE

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Landscaping Services Offered

  • Rock and mulch 

  • Stone, natural, and border edging

  • Retaining walls

  • Sod and seeding

  • Paver patio

  • Lighting options

  • Waterscapes

    • Decorative fountain​

    • Pondless waterfall

    • Pond 

    • Streams

Considerations for your Retaining Wall Project

  • What type of stone do you like?

    • Natural boulders, natural sand stone, and ​numerous color/size manufactured options

  • Is the wall near a concrete area where ice melt could be applied?​

    • Manufactured concrete products can erode away from years where as natural stone is hundreds of years old and will last much longer.​

  • What style and color is the rest of your landscaping and house?

    • When recommending a size, color, and style block we will take a look at the rest of your landscaping and house to make sure the style is similar.

  • Will the wall be strong enough?​

    • If your project is using natural stone, then the sheer weight of the block will keep it from moving if it's placed correctly. With manufactured blocks, not all are the same. Some are hollow in the middle with a small 1/2" lip holding one row to the next. However, the block we prefer to use is completely solid with pins securing one row to the next.​

Benefits of Kanger Lawns for Your Landscaping Project

  • Free project estimate

  • Consultation for project, property, and your ideas

  • Flexible plant and rock options

  • Low-maintenance installation options

  • Communication is key for us, before, during, and after we have finished your project

Plant Selection for your landscaping

  • Consider what the final maturity size and shape of your plant will be when placing it in your landscaping

  • Low maintenance and higher maintenance plant varieties​​ are available

  • Plants are in-bloom or showing vibrant colors in different seasons so a mix will keep your landscaping attractive year round

  • Sun exposure, watering conditions, and soil type all dictate which plants are acceptable in your area of the landscaping

  • Plants can be annuals, which only survive one year or perennials which come back year-after-year

Considerations for your patio project

  • What will the space be used for?

    • Seating, campfires, outdoor kitchens, and tables all require different amounts of space​

  • Is the space going to be used for your family or for parties?​

    • Parties require more space, and you may want to consider where buffet tables, seating, and a grill will go.​

  • What style do you like?​

    • There is a huge selection of colors, styles, and textures. Kanger Lawns can help narrow that down for you based on your current landscaping and home.


  • If you have ever shied away from a decorative fountain, waterfall, or pond because it will be high maintenance - if it's built right it dramatically reduces maintenance requirements​​

  • A waterscape brings your landscaping alive through movement and sound

  • Decorative fountains are a great focal point in a front or backyard adding subtle and relaxing background noise

  • A rushing stream or the pouring of a waterfall doesn't require a pond 

  • If you enjoy gardening then a pond may be for you. Aquatic plants and fish add a new world of opportunities not available in traditional gardening.

Mulch and Rock Options

  • Mulch Selection

    • Black, brown, and dyed mulch with natural finish options

  • Rock selection​

    • ​Different size and shape options​​

Landscaping Lighting

  • Adding lights to your landscaping is a great way to allow more time for you and guests to enjoy the investment and art of your landscaping

  • Pathway lights are a great way to accent a walkway

  • Strategically placed landscaping lighting can bring your landscaping alive in a completely different way than during the daylight

  • Lights placed at the base of trees make a landscape feel spacious and accentuate the tree

  • Pond lights bring your water feature even more alive a night by highlighting waterfalls and creating amazing shimmering affects

  • It's hassle free; as lights can be set to stay on for specific time periods or shut off in the sunlight

Landscaping Services in Omaha, NE


A water feature is a great way to bring life and art to your landscaping in Omaha, NE.

Pondless Waterfall

Waterfalls from a water feature help soften traditional landscaping here in Omaha, NE.


The beauty of a pond is really brought to life when it's accented by plants.


A retaining wall creates differet levels in your Omaha landscaping which allow for different plant pockets.

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