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What would a water feature look like in your yard?

Check out this video and channel full of water feature ideas. Greg Wittstock, The Pong Guy, is the owner and founder of Aquascape, which manufacturers the water feature projects we install! Also, his facility is where we go to get regular hands-on training and get help with technical questions. Please enjoy the projects other contractors outside of the Omaha area have built to create ideas for your landscaping water feature project.

Decorative Fountain Selection

  • Stacked slate urns

  • Scalloped urns

  • Rippled urns

  • Stacked slate spheres

  • Spillway bowls

  • Curved and straight stacked stack walls

  • Basalt columns

  • Small, medium, and large sizes

Benefits of Kanger Lawns as your Waterscape specialists

  • Free project estimate

  • Consultation for project, property, and your ideas

  • Knowledgable with landscaping, but specialists in waterscapes

  • Decorative fountain seemlessly integrated into your Omaha landscaped yard

  • We consider your exterior and interior viewing areas for year-round enjoyment

Size and Scale of your Decorative Fountain

  • Whether its urns, spheres, walls, or rocks, small, medium, and large options are available to tailor to your landscaped area

  • Larger fountains and multiple pieces are great for front landscapes to increase curb appeal

  • Higher water flow in fountains on properties where calming water is meant to drown out noise pollution

Benefits of a Decorative Fountain in your landscaping

  • A decorative fountain can saturate your landscaping with the sound of water to drown out traffic or neighbors

  • Several fountains create a great focal point dazzling the eye as water rolls down

  • With proper planning, a decorative fountain will seamlessly compliment the rest of your outdoor living space and landscaping

  • A water feature like a decorative fountain is the only option for a piece to your landscaping that feels alive through movement and sound

  • As day transitions to night, a decorative fountain transforms into a new piece of art to enjoy with proper lighting

  • Spillway bowls and other pieces will draw nature to you, such as birds

  • Different pump options deliver subtle, tranquil background noise when relaxing or a drawing tone during parties

Decorative Fountain ideas

  • A stacked slate sphere framed out by two curved stack slate walls in the foreground 

  • Three basalt columns completed with elegant blooming rose bushes aside your front door

  • Stacked slate spheres identically placed on the corners of your designed paver patio

  • Spillway bowls nestled into a mulch bed surrounded by annuals, allowing birds to greet you while in your yard or your kitchen window

  • Decorative fountain installation only or complimenting plant, mulch, and rock work as well

  • Every project and every yard is unique, please contact us today to design the decorative fountain which will compliment your landscaping

Maintenance of your Decorative Fountain

  • An automatic fill valve can be used to keep water levels constant

  • Ion gen and automatic dosing system control algae 

  • Fountains with decorative rock make cleaning leaves, grass clippings, and other debris easy

  • Kanger Lawns can create a maintenance package to keep the decorative fountain in your landscaping pristine all season

Landscaping Services in Omaha, NE


Decorative fountains are a great water feature element to add into an exisiting landscaping or be the centerpiece of a new project.

Pondless Waterfall

Waterfalls give a soothing tone and catch the eye when naturally placed in your landscaping.


Ponds are a great water feature option in all sorts of sizes. Decorative fountans can be integrated with a pond or stand alone in a landscaping bed.


Rock is a great addition to exisiting landscapes and water feaures. Mulch is also a great option espcially around plants in your landscaping.

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