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Cody Kanger & Kanger Lawns

Background of Cody Kanger

Born in 1993 in Omaha, NE, I have lived in the Omaha area for most of my life. I grew up in Omaha and went to grade school at Saint Margaret Mary's. While in grade school I moved south of Plattsmouth, NE on an acreage.

After grade school, I moved to Papillion, NE and graduated from Creighton Prep High School, in Omaha. After finishing high school in 2012, I moved to Lincoln, NE to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While in school I had amazing opportunities working as an engineering intern for CNH Industrial (Case and New Holland Ag equipment), Exmark Manufacturing, Eriksen Construction, and the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab at UNL.

After graduating in 2017, I enrolled in graduate school and obtained a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics by the end of 2019. During graduate school I researched metal 3D printing and surface treatments, while managing UNL's Nebraska Engineering Additive Technologies (NEAT) Labs. In the summer of 2019, I moved to Omaha and married my high school sweetheart, Libby. 

Libby Kanger

The main motivation to moving to Omaha, was to marry my high school girlfriend of 7 years, Libby. We got married in October 2019 at St. James church off 90th street. Libby has been at my side since the early days of my business in high school. We both remember meeting with customers in the evenings giving estimates, cleaning equipment, and pushing snow on snow days. 

Even before we got married, Libby has been a part of the Kanger Lawns team. In the early years she helped with logo designs and passing out advertising material. Now, she answers emails, assists with accounting, and has even helped on a few jobs.

Libby was also born and raised in Omaha. She went to St. James/Seton grade school, then graduated from Marian High School in 2012. She moved to Crete and Lincoln, NE to get her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Art and Teaching. Since then, she has lived in Omaha since 2017 working as an art teacher and cheer coach for girls in the Omaha area. 

CJK Lawn Care

Kanger Lawns is the result of many years of lawn maintenance and landscaping experience. My first business was actually a beach cleaning business for Beaver Lake back when I was 14. That business never took off, but I learned a great lesson in how to market better. After a failed attempt, my dad advised lawn mowing instead. With a few hours on the computer making fliers, my parents driving me around to pass them out, and a 21" mower for my business CJ's Lawn Care earned its first customer. I still remember to this day that customer, John who drove a green Ford Ranger and managed the Pizza Hut in Plattsmouth. Back then, my parents drove me to his house and dropped me off each week to mow his lawn for $30.

When I moved to Papillion and was able to drive, the business really took off. Over the course of 5 years, the name changed to CJK Lawn Care, and we had the privilege to serve over 50 customers in our final season in the Papillion area. We provided lawn mowing, fertilizing, clean up, landscaping, and snow removal services. I had several friends working with me, including my late best friend Jimmy Grasso (Jamminn Lawn Care). CJK Lawn Care officially closed in 2013, as I moved to Lincoln to pursue my engineering degree, but I wouldn't stay out of the lawn business for long. 

Kanger Lawns

Kanger Lawns officially started in 2016, as side income while I was in graduate school at UNL. Since then, we have expanded to offer lawn mowing, fertilizing, clean up, landscaping, and snow removal to our customers for both residential and commercial lawn care customers in the Lincoln area. While we are still proud to offer lawn care services in Lincoln with the same crew, I am now offering Waterscape and landscaping services in Omaha, Papillion, La Vista, Bellevue, Gretna, and Elkhorn. Why specialize in water features? Just wait until yours is installed in your yard and you will know why. 

Kanger Lawns Team Members

Jason Sherman

Jason Sherman was the first guy to join our crew in Lincoln starting in the spring of 2018. Jason has done an excellent job of growing with us from assisting Cody with trimming, to leading a crew the last few seasons. His skills have improved tremendously, to now being able to skillfully execute every aspect of mowing. He also has experience with applying fertilizer and spraying for weeds. Leaves are no match for Jason, as he has transformed many yards in the fall. Not only can he remove every leaf in sight, but trimming hedges, clearing branches, and installing mulch are also well within his wheelhouse. His skills are continuing to grow as he has trained other crew members, interacted with customers, and even started to estimate jobs.

Jason isn't just a master of mowing, but also an avid outdoorsmen. If he isn't mowing a yard, he is reeling fish in left and right. How about in the winter - keep your eye out for him on the bowling and pool circuits. He isn't just your average monthly bowler, but a champion in several leagues. Even more important than working or his bowling league is his children. Jason loves spending time with all of his kids, especially when camping. 

Want to Join Kanger Lawns?

At Kanger Lawns, we are always looking for the next team member to help us better serve our customers. We work hard, stay focused, and get the job done right - the first time. If you enjoy the outdoors, working with equipment, and being a team player we would love to hear from you. Check out our careers tab and send us your application.

Other Team Members

Over the years we have employed well over 15 people in both part-time and full-time fashions. We are happy to hire everyone from experts to high school students. With our line of work, some team members come and go, but regardless of how long they are with us we are happy we got the opportunity to meet and work with them. 

" Quality Service and Customer Care First "

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